Piranesi Plugins for AutoCAD®

AutoCAD and AutoCAD Architecture can export to Piranesi using our lisp routine. Piranesi 6 Pro or Piranesi 2010 (v6.0.1) must be installed.

Plugin for AutoCAD 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012

Plugin for AutoCAD Architecture 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012
Plugin for AutoCAD Architecture 2013 and 2015

Installing the plugin

  • extract the file epix.lsp from the zip file
    (or epix2010.lsp for AutoCAD Architecture 2013 and 2015)
    For AutoCAD Architecture 2015, store the file in a "trusted location" to avoid a warning when starting AutoCAD. See the Autodesk Knowledge Network for details.
  • in AutoCAD, enter the appload command
  • select the epix.lsp (or epix2010.lsp) file and click Load
    or drag it to the briefcase icon below the "Startup Suite" label:
  • you may need to exit AutoCAD and restart it to make the command available

Saving an image as an EPix file

  • save your AutoCAD model to a file on disk if you haven't done so
  • type the command: SaveEPix
    for AutoCAD Architecture 2013 and 2015, type: SaveEPix2010
  • specify the height in pixels of the epix file
  • specify the name and location of the epix file to create
The current view will be rendered using the "Presentation" rendering preset, converted to an EPix file and opened in a new Piranesi session.

Other options

If you have SketchUp®, you can export to DWG, open this file with SketchUp then export to Piranesi EPix:
  • install our SketchUp Plugin then save your model to Piranesi EPix file.
  • SketchUp Pro can export direct to EPix

  • If you have AutoCAD 2008 or earlier, Vedute can convert your DWG files to EPix (Vedute is included with Piranesi).
  • Vedute can also convert 3DS to EPix. 3DS output was withdrawn at AutoCAD 2007 but Autodesk provide a 3DSOUT utility for 2007 and 2008 versions at AutoCAD Services & Support.
  • For plan and elevation working, you can use File > Plot > publishtowebPNG to generate a PNG raster file. Then in Piranesi, use File > New > Create an EPix file from an image file.

DWG is the native file format for Autodesk's Autocad software. DWG and AutoCAD are trademarks of Autodesk, Inc. SketchUp is a trademark of Trimble Navigation Limited.

Piranesi and MicroGDS are registered trademarks of Informatix Inc.
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